Perfect comfort and containment in 1-2-3!

It’s the perfect choice for parents looking for a straightforward way to hold their babies close - no wrapping required!

With three buckles only, wearing your little one in the Bliss is a snap!

It's a hybrid carrier!

It combines the best of both worlds - the comfort of a wrap with a convenience of a buckle carrier with wrap-like crossable shoulder straps with innovative loops and a soft, gently supportive waist belt.

Tips & Tricks

They're only little for such a little while.
We are devoted to empowering parents to savor every moment and hold them close, safe, and secure.

Check out all our videos, step-by-step instructions, and advice from our babywearing consultants.


1. Functional Adjustment Loops

2. Hybrid Stretchy Fabric

3. Soft Modular Waistbelt

4. Crossable Straps

5. Gathered Ergonomic Seat

Real reviews from real parents

“I’ve never owned a baby carrier before, and I found it incredibly easy to use! My husband and baby love it too!” 

“I love my Bliss so much! It’s perfect for my little one’s fussy time in the evening when she just wants to be held.” 

“I highly recommend this carrier for newborn and up- my little one is 18 lbs now at 4 months and still enjoys it!”” 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Stephanie Anderson

Absolutely love this carrier! Recommend it to all my pregnant friends. It’s comfy like a wrap but so much more practical and quick to use. It also makes me feel more relaxed as I feel like baby is more secure in this. Perfect for the first few months.

Kristina Kilgore

Less than impressed

It was good for a month, sort of. One buckle seemed unreliable. Once baby reached 12lbs it stretched too much and I stopped using it.

Kaitlyn Thompson

The perfect combination of wrap and carrier. It is comfortable for mom and baby and is easier than a traditional wrap to use. We started using it with our newborn and continue to use it over a year later. I’ve even bought it as a gift for friends who are expecting. It’s that amazing.

Natalia Gudenschwager

Absolutely fabulous product, this product has literally saved my life!

Hannah Medawattage

I have been looking for a wrap/carrier that could help me to be able to get some things done around the house since my baby has only liked to be held. I tried 3 different ones before I found Boba. It seemed pretty easy so I thought I’d give it a try. It was very easy to put on and my baby fell asleep right away in the carrier. He absolutely loves it! I am so thankful to have finally found something that works for us and is so easy to put on… especially when your baby is crying and wanting to be soothed. Don’t hesitate and buy the wrap! Worth every penny!

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