Boba Bliss Baby Carrier

The comfort of a wrap with the ease of a buckle carrier. Your new favorite baby carrier brings together the best of both worlds.

Blissfully together.

The new Boba Bliss is an ideal choice for carrying your newborn from day one in the front inward-facing carry to reap all the benefits of that heart-to-heart position!

With buckles only, putting on the Bliss truly is a snap! It’s the perfect choice for parents looking for a straightforward way to hold their babies close- no wrapping required!

Ideal for babies 3.2 - 16 kg (7 - 35lbs), birth - 12 months

It's a HYBRID!

- It combines the ease of use and convenience of our buckle carriers with the softness and containment of our wraps!

- It's made out of a sturdy but stretchy cotton knit fabric that is higher in density than our original Boba Wrap, but lower in weight!

- It's fully adjustable and has a unique stretch that supports you and your baby perfectly in a two-layer carry!

Innovative loops on shoulder straps

No twists, or flips, just functional adjustment of both the shoulder strap coverage and the carrier panel width and height!

Boba Bliss Baby Carrier conveniently enables a great view of and for your baby and secure head coverage for contact naps!

Soft, gently structured support

A modular buckled waistbelt is made to mold to your body for comfort, even when wearing smaller babies higher up on your torso!

The combination of an elastic knit fabric and woven canvas makes the most out of the stretchiness of the panel. It allows baby to spontaneously assume the natural ergonomic spread squat position!

Gathered seat grows with your little one

The original design of the seat allows for the carrier to adjust seamlessly to your baby and supports the healthy pelvis, hip, and leg position!

We’ve also added padding to the leg openings for a more comfortable ride!

New Boba Bliss Hybrid Baby Carrier

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