Wearing "Babies" Big and Small, Video Demos by Drea

We’ve been inspired by Drea for a while and wanted to offer up her baby wearing words and movin' pictures of wisdom (and send a big thank you for her love). Here’s Drea demonstrating how to carry your child in a Boba Wrap (what we originally called the Boba Baby Wrap) with both a smaller child and a four-year-old!

Drea Boba Boba Baby Wrap on You Tube


Drea with Large Child in Boba Wrap on YouTube


Thanks so much Drea for all of your inspiring and helpful work, and for sharing yourself and your family (and beautiful family photography) with the world at Dreawood!

If you want a bigger bite of the subject, Elizabeth has a great Boba Family post with tips on wearing bigger children in wraps.

Send me your favorite wrap videos and baby-wearing blog posts! We are pretty avid readers and viewers, but we also love getting your recommendations on moms who inspire!