Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Snap on your waistband
Step 2: Position your baby on your chest
Step 3: Put on shoulder straps, buckle and tighten

Ready to go!

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It grooooows with your baby...

Fully adjustable from day one to one day when they're ready to explore on their own.

The seat and panel micro adapt to a T for a perfect ergonomic fit + you can zip in the added toddler seat extenders when they've outgrown the seat!

There are also tons of beginner-friendly ways to get your baby on your back when you're both ready!


1. Perfect Fit Adjusters

2. Purse/Bag Strap

3. Front Panel Height Adjuster

4. Detachable Hood & Pocket

5. Breastfeeding Access Buckle

6. Small Zippered Pocket

7. Micro-Adjustable Seat (no infant insert needed)

8. Toddler Seat Extenders

Real reviews from real parents

"I’m so excited for this carrier. It’s the first carrier I’ve ever worn after wearing a wrap on my baby and I can truly say it is very comfortable for me and my baby really seems to like it as well. I’ve worn it to go on walks, to run errands and just around the house and it’s just perfect as it has the support needed for both of us. I will be recommending boba to my friend mom’s for sure!"

- One happy mama

Customer Reviews

Based on 194 reviews
Ashley Stegall
Beautiful carrier but not made for heavier women.

I really do love this carrier. Even after the first wash the fabric was soft but super durable. The mountains print is beautiful. My 22lb 8month old is super comfy in it. Well supported unlike my Ergo 360 that my baby started to grow out of. This boba was much more comfortable to wear. Has more adjustable features to better support me and baby. I have pelvic floor issues and where this waist belt sits puts less pressure on it. The only drawback I see of this carrier is that it would better suit someone a size 10/12 or smaller. There isn’t enough length left of the back straps to allow me to adjust the carrier. I prefer to release the settings and reset them in each new carry. I will continue to use this carrier because it is more comfortable and supportive for myself and baby.

Ame Wren
Boba carriers are the best carriers!

I've tried lots of baby carriers and Boba is by far the best. I LOVE the wrap carriers for when they are young or need to sleep (it's great how you can nestle them in) and just switched to the structured carrier as my son is getting too heavy for the wrap. It's heads and tails above the competitors and I look forward to using it for as long as I can!

Michael Evans
It’s Real Nice (From a Dad)

I’m a new dad. I realized how desperate I was to have a solid carrier when I woke up one morning, went to make my normal peanut butter toast breakfast and couldn’t because I had a child in my arms (you try making peanut butter toast with a baby in YOUR arms). I was desperate, and my research began.

I was between the Boba X and a competitor. I’m a simple guy. I don’t need patterns. I don’t need frills. I need a carrier that looks great, goes on easy, adjusts easy, won’t make sweat like crazy, and won’t hurt my kid (I’m already panicked as it is). I was already shell shocked and accustomed to helping wife use a carrier that’s was akin to participating in an aerial silks dance together… I needed something simple.

The Boba X is all of that. It’s saved the day plenty of times already. My baby loves it. It checked all the boxes included being approved by the hip people at the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (yet another thing I learned and realized is very important). I’ve used this carrier all over the city, in the house, and on plenty of walks. Our boy loves it.

And most importantly… peanut butter toast is back on the menu. Problem solved.

Shari Kathryn Van Steenkist

I love how easy it is to put on, adjust, and maneuver life in! My toddler loves that she can ride on my back, my infant loves that he can snuggle mom or ride on my back, and my husband loves that he can do the same carries with just a few quick adjustments.
10/10 recommend to all parents. This is definitely the way to go after the newborn-in-the-wrap phase!

Amiee Flynn-Curran
Structured carrier that works for infants!

I am thrilled with this carrier! I have a buckle carrier from another brand that only works with an infant insert when baby is under 4 months old, so on a whim I decided to try the Boba X when I saw a recommendation on a forum. The carrier adjusted perfectly to fit my 8 week old - he likes being able to see the trees on our walks and then I put up the hood when he falls asleep. It's easy to put on, and has a loop for your purse-strap. I watched all the videos here to get it set up and fitted correctly, and now it's truly a click-and-go carrier.


Although I am still learning about this carrier it still seems a bit uncomfortable the buckles tend to dig into my under arms while we are back carrying.

Angelys I Marcano Valle
The best choice

The baby is safe, in the perfect position, the way to store the carrier is super comfortable, and the baby does not cry as it is attached to its caregiver at all times, comfortable for any occasion.

Love the features, I found my one

I’ve tried 4 other carriers (3 other types) for our almost 3 month old and none compare to this one. After seeing just how adjustable the seat is I can’t believe more companies don’t have anything similar. And the 5 adjustable components for me make this the most comfortable carry we’ve done so far. So glad my husband prefers another carrier that we have so I can keep this one exactly how I like it because oh yeah, all the straps roll up. No more loose straps swinging around! I’m in love. Plus how cute is the cosmos print!


I have what you might call a “Velcro baby”, and these carriers are the only way I am able to get anything done. She settles almost immediately when I put her in her boba, and she takes her best naps there! Even my 3 year old still asks to be “up in her boba”. Love these carriers!!

Camilo Coeli

Boba X Black Beauty

No such thing as too much love.

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