Thank you

Thank you note

This note, written here by us, original founders and owners, Elizabeth and Robert, is not about our company, but about our deep feeling of appreciation for all of you that helped us make it here.

We wouldn’t be here today, writing this, without your support, and without your trust.

To our customers-

You invested your time, researched away, and ultimately chose us(!) to help carry your precious baby. We are so deeply honored. Gives us a warm glow in our chest and a feeling of sincere gratitude. We hope we’ve helped bring you and your little one closer together and have made the journey a little easier and a little more joyful. You know- it's really something to have meaningful work. Thank you again for helping us to live this life and do and share what we really love. YOU make this possible.

To our Distributors-

Thank You for standing beside us. For choosing us. When I walk down the streets in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia and see a Boba that I designed almost a decade ago I inhale, smile and shake my head. It it still mind boggling and just wonderful. Grateful to live in this big small world together. Share our ideas together. Thank You for your design suggestions, your two cents on function and comfort. Thank You for your pictures of your gorgeous Turkish and Indonesian families. For the unending supply beautiful Japanese tea. For lovely visits to Spain, the UK and France. For opening your doors and letting us know you personally. Thank You. A hundred times.

To our Vendors and Educators-

You have to be selective about what you bring into your stores and online shops and what you present to others. Thank You for choosing us. For trusting in us. For maintaining your enthusiasm each and every day. For all of those wrap and nursing in baby carrier demonstrations you do for others. For the classes you give out of the back of your stores and your homes. For educating nurses, an pregnancy care centers about all of those benefits and believing in them with all your soul. Thank You for all the care and the personal touch that you provide.

To the Artists, Textile Designers, Pattern Enthusiasts, and Spoonflower-

Boba started out with mission of functionality, comfort and simplicity. You have helped make us beautiful. We didn't want to get generic fabric by the yard that you could find at any store or boutique. We wanted unique. So we tapped into you.

Our first contest was hosted by Spoonflower, also a startup at the time. Through them, we got the design for the Tweet carrier by a man in Germany. Our Kangaroo was designed by an artist in Canada. Through Spoonflower we also found Holli Zollinger. A mother. And incredible visual artist that still moves me with her designs. Recently we have also tapped into the art of Cecilia Mok. An Australian artist bold color palette that captivates me. She's a storyteller too. Thank You Spoonflower for giving me access to these amazing Indie artists. A most sincere thanks to Gabby Caperon for her design expertise, her well thought out opinions, her infectious joy and her Slavic hospitality. Thank You to Alisa Demarco of Tekhni wovens for sharing her knowledge of all aspects of woven fabric. And the "ain't no mountain high enough" Lika Gitis. An artist and textile designer that wears many hats. One of the few who can design both an elaborate jacquard woven and a fun eclectic digital print. We're lucky to be surrounded by this incredible group of artists. Thank You to you all. Your unique designs keep us looking good.

To our team-

We are small. We are not 300. We are not 30. But we are Amazing. Tight knit. Dynamic. And flexible. Diligent, hardworking and dedicated to say the least. No corporate California mega lawyer can bring us down. Wink. Smile.

Leah, Linda, Alyson, Bethany, Kristin, Matjaz, Erin, Gabby, Pavel, Heather & Drea. Robert and I see those extra hours. We see you going the extra mile. We see your attention to detail and to things that really matter. We appreciate your proactive spirits. We see your devotion.

I remember when we first started out when it got to the point that Robert and I could no longer do it alone. I remember being so hesitant about getting someone else to talk with the customers. I thought that no one would be able to provide the service and care that I could. The business was our baby. I had to accept, and trust. Let go a little and accept the help. And now... I don't worry. Not in the least. I know that anyone calling on the phone or texting us will be received as I would receive them, responded to as I would respond to them. If not better! You are our voice. Each one of you are valued beyond words. You make me smile. I am lucky to call you friends. To Tim and Roddick, on the outskirts of of Shanghai, and their families that we love! Thank you millions of times for each and very cater and wrap that you helped us hand craft! And thank you for your top notch quality that helps us sleep peacefully at night. To Jeff and Glenda, in North Carolina, the family that runs our little mill, we are glad to have you on board and are thrilled to create our own gorgeous woven textiles together.

Thank you team. A genuine Thank You to all for being there day in and day out. For your loyalty. This would be impossible without you.

10 Years.

Over 1 Million Babies Wrapped.

Lots of Love out there.

One last time, A BIG heartfelt Thank You!


Elizabeth and Robert