Must-Read Blog: Radical Parenting

In this day and age, it seems as if parents are reclaiming their love for the parent/child relationship. It’s not about raising children who are “seen and not heard” anymore. Parents are getting dirty in the mud, wearing their little ones, breastfeeding proudly, homebirthing and reclaiming the right to be close to their children.

As this movement has evolved, parents have begun to see their children not as ego extensions or objects, but as people – young people who deserve respect and consideration from the time they draw their first breath.

I recently stumbled across a blog that affirms everything I believe in when it comes to children. It affirms their intelligence, their need for a loving relationship with their parents (rather than a purely authoritarian one), and it affirms what I believe about how they desire to be listened to and considered.

Introducing, Radical Parenting: a website authored by 60 teen interns. Radical Parenting was founded by Vanessa Van Petten and features articles on a variety of topics.

“Teens Who Can’t Feel: Empathopenia
Teen bullies and the decreased empathy; one explanation on the recent cyberbullying epidemic.”

“Radical Family Bonding Time You need to take advantage of the time that needs to be quality over quantity! Here are a few tips for parents and families to bond with each other and not make family time miserable.”

If you’re reading this post on, you probably have children who haven’t even asked for their first cell phone yet. The reason I’m reading Radical Parenting now is because it’s a constant reminder of why I’m so intentional about my parenting today. We can’t wait until our children are 16 before we respect them as people and tune into them. It will be too late.

By showing them love and consideration today, we’re laying the framework for happy teens, teens who feel as if they can communicate with us. It’s my desire to know my children on a deeply intimate level. Websites such as this fly right in the face of pop culture that says teens are superficial, angry, snobby followers.

Spend a few minutes on this website and you’ll quickly learn otherwise.

Happy parenting!