Lipdub de Portabebes Kangura

Lipdub de Portabebes Kangura
Last month, Kangura, the Boba distributor in Spain, brought their community together to celebrate babywearing in a very exciting and special way. A “lipdub” is a type of video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video and is typically made by filming individuals (or a group of people) lip synching to a song – so much fun!!

“My husband and I had the idea to make a Lipdub about babywearing… we made invitations and called as many families as possible, we searched the place, the right song, the material, and sponsor and created the movie. We had the collaboration of a choreographer, two cameras, an assembler, etc.. and everything ready to record! It was no particular celebration, we just got together to make this video for a fantastic morning. I spent many hours of work preparing this video and I am very happy with the result.” – Laura, Kangura

The Lipdub about babywearing was the collaboration of a choreographer, two video cameras, an assembler and a group of amazing babywearing families. The video is a must-see:

Thanks to Laura and those at Kangura, we have some special photos to share from the event:

Babywearing around the world truly is something worth celebrating and we can’t thank Kangura enough for allowing us to be a part of this exciting event.

A special thank you as well to Laura for providing English translations to the fun song featured in the video!