Camping With a Baby - Family Memories in the Making

Camping With a Baby - Family Memories in the Making
A while back I happened across an article that, in all honesty, gave me a bit of a giggle but also set me on a personal mission to prove it wrong. The article, focused on the do’s and don’ts of family travel, was certainly on a lighter note, but seemed to imply (at least in my opinion) that traveling with children could not be enjoyable.

Truth: Yes, it is true, I most likely will be unable to enjoy a relaxing massage on the beach while on a family vacation.
Myth: We won’t have any fun together because it is a family vacation.

To test my theory that I can enjoy my little family despite our location, we set out on an adventure in the beautiful Colorado Mountains. We (over) loaded up the jeep and headed up (and up and up) until we reached the most beautiful spot. Truth be told, camping is more challenging with a baby, but I wouldn’t trade that weekend for anything. So for those of you out there who are looking for a fun weekend mountain adventure, here are some tips from a mama who DID enjoy her family vacation:

• Don’t over pack. Yes, children get filthy in 2.5 seconds, but that doesn’t mean you need to pack a year’s worth of clothing.
• Camping = roughing it, and while certain creature comforts are important with little ones, spending weeks ahead of time trying to develop a “mobile bathtub” is not necessary.
• Get dirty! Who cares – children have fun in the dirt, so why shouldn’t you? That’s why we have washing machines back home (unless you were able to develop a mobile washing machine?).
• Preparing a seven course meal is ridiculous, as is hauling up your entire kitchen. Pack something you can heat up fast, eat on the go and then move on.
• Cuddle. Sharing a sleeping bag may have resulted in a few blows to the face in the middle of the night, but also got me an entire nights worth of a beautiful snoring baby in my arms.

Here’s my Happy Camper:

Happy Camper

Share your photos of a fun family trip and let’s show that family travel is just as awesome as a beach massage!