Boba Wrap Goes Green with New Organic Baby Wrap

Choosing the best baby carrier can be confusing for a parent, but the Boba Wrap baby carrier is an easy choice with 13 colors available and 27 advantages over other infant carriers. Now Boba Wrap has a new benefit – it’s going green. As a first step towards being eco-friendly, Boba Inc. is launching their new organic Boba Wrap baby wrap in two popular colors – natural and khaki. Boulder, CO – June 1, 2009 – Boba Inc. announced today their commitment to going green – offering a new organic Boba Wrap baby carrier in two popular color choices – natural and khaki. The new organic baby wrap is now available for babywearing parents who prioritize not only their baby’s comfort and health, but also the environment. NAP, Inc. is one of the most established and reputable baby wrap companies in North America and is dedicated to providing babies and parents with the highest quality, best fitting and safest wearable infant carrier. “We created the Sleepy Wrap several years ago because we wanted the absolute best baby carrier for our own children,” said Robert Antunovic, CEO of Boba Inc., co-creator of the Boba Wrap. “Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most comfortable, durable and wearable baby wraps to parents worldwide and give them a helping hand in raising confident, joyful and compassionate children. In keeping with our company’s philosophy, our commitment to going green now includes the new organic Boba Wrap – made from the softest organic cotton and produced in accordance with the requirements of the Organic Exchange 100 Standard (grown without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or any harmful chemicals). With several different hands-free infant carriers to choose from in the marketplace, the Boba Wrap offers 27 advantages for an optimal babywearing experience – for both the parent and baby.” Some of the benefits of a Boba Wrap infant carrier include:

  • Provides excellent support for baby’s head, neck, hips and legs – especially when asleep.
  • Fits perfectly every time without being too tight or too loose.
  • Provides a custom fit with durable fabric that won’t stretch or change shape.
  • Made with high quality, very soft fabric – heavier cotton knit with a touch of spandex.
  • Allows discreet nursing.
  • Places no pressure points on developing hips, spine or pelvis.
  • Holds your baby high against adult’s chest.
  • Grows with parent and baby – optimal for infants yet can be used for toddlers.
  • Enables kangaroo care – premature infants thrive in a Boba Wrap.
  • One size fits all adults.
  • No digging straps or poking buckles or buttons.
  • Distributes the weight of the baby evenly – better than carrying in arms, on one shoulder, or hip.
  • Easy to clean – wash, tumble dry and go!
  • Affordable.
  • Offers a natural sleep solution – the most natural way to put baby to sleep with parent’s warmth, voice, scent, movement and heartbeat.
  • Organic Boba Wrap is available in Natural and Khaki colors and standard Boba Wrap is available in Brown, Purple, Gray, Black, Light Blue, Orange, Royal Blue, Beige, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Navy Blue, Red and Green.

Boba Wrap is available for $39.95 and the organic Boba Wrap is $59.95. Visit for more information or to purchase Boba Wrap. About Boba Inc. Founded in 2006, Colorado-based Boba Inc. is an environmentally friendly company that designs, develops, and manufactures the premium infant carrier for babywearing parents – Boba Wrap. Media Contact: For high res images and more information – RPR Public Relations, Inc. Tel. 786-290-6413