Boba 3G Awarded Top Baby Carrier by Baby Center

Boba 3G Awarded Top Baby Carrier by Baby Center
We're proud to be chosen Editor's Pick for Top Baby Carrier by! Boba 3G was among 15 Top Baby Products featured by Baby Center. The parenting site teamed up with baby gear guru Jamie Grayson to choose from among hundreds of parent reviews while also using their own parenting experience to make this year's choices. Here's what they had to say about the Boba 3G:

Top carrier: Boba 3G

Versatility makes this soft-structured carrier a winner. In contrast with other popular carriers, the Boba can be worn in front or on your back, allowing kids from 7 to 45 pounds to inhabit it snugly and safely. The Boba distributes your baby's weight evenly on your hips and allows him to nestle in a froggy position — similar to the position he enjoyed in the womb. And unlike the Ergo, it doesn't require a bulky infant insert to prop up the youngest babies.

The Boba's stirrups also set it apart from every other carrier on the market. When your child grows beyond the baby stage, she can rest her feet in the stirrups and adjust and support her weight as needed.

Thank you to Baby Center, Jamie Grayson and all of your for continuing to make Boba 3G a top pick by parents of babies and toddlers!