Babywearing All-star Feature: Babywearing International

Babywearing All-star Feature: Babywearing International
No talk of babywearing advocacy and the people and organizations working hard behind it would be complete without a generous nod to Babywearing International (BWI). This nonprofit organization works hard to organize and publicize babywearing events around the world, empowers lots of local babywearing chapters and its members, offers volunteer babywearing educator certification, hosts annual babywearing awards, and provides online babywearing safety and baby carrier selection information. International Babywearing Week is an annual celebratory and educational event coordinated by BWI, with local events coordinated by local groups of babywearers (not just BWI Chapters). International Babywearing Week grows bigger and bigger each year, and in 2012 falls on the week of October 8. BWI is run by a dedicated board of directors, each a Babywearing All-star in their own right. Thank you for your work and for building such a strong advocacy organization:
  • Ann Marie Rodgerson, President
  • Susan Chanse, Vice President
  • Kimber Tower, Secretary
  • Heather Felker, Treasurer
  • Christie Chapman
  • Karen Hoppis
  • Jessica Tolliver
  • Heidi Donnelly
"Babywearing International Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote babywearing as a universally accepted practice, with benefits for both child and caregiver, through education and support." Check out the Babywearing International website, their Facebook page and their awesome guiding principles.