Adventures in Babywearing: Weddings!

Adventures in Babywearing: Weddings!
Weddings are occasions that bring together family and friends, both near and far. They mark new beginnings and allow us to witness the love and commitment between two people. They also are fertile grounds for awesomely awkward toasts from distant relatives and a chance for your kooky cousin to show his best Macarena moves. And if you're lucky, the best weddings seem to have a little of it all, including babywearing families.

In this post you will meet some wonderful families who wore their little ones while they were bridesmaids, wedding guests and even the bride herself. Babywearing keeps families close and it keeps parents and babies content -- making sure you don't miss out on the cake or a chance to spin around the dance floor.

This is on my wedding day this July with my just turned one year old, Sadie, on my back. She spent most of the evening happily watching or snoozing whilst being kept close and enabling me to keep dancing and mingling! • Becky Kerr

Corgan Bosley

I wore my daughter when she was 3 weeks old at my cousins wedding reception...over my bridesmaid dress. People didn't even realize she was in there until I showed them her little face. That thing was a life saver, not only for convenience but also to keep a million people from trying to hold her! • Corgan Bosley

Rachel True

Last year, I wore my (then) 6.5 month old to my sister-in-law's wedding. It was an evening wedding and we were out way past the little guy's bedtime. He basically slept through the whole thing on either me or my husband. We got several compliments on how quiet and good he was through the ceremony. Loved it! We're now on Little Man #2 (2 months old) and I keep the Boba handy constantly. I'm not sure how I would handle keeping up with a toddler while carrying around a newborn if it wasn't for babywearing. • Rachel True

Mireya Colville

Here I am dancing with my husband Chris while wearing my almost 7 month old daughter Jenna at a wedding reception this past summer. My son Josh was dancing nearby, too! • Mireya Colville


My daughter wasn't feeling well, and I was the matron-of-honor in my sister's wedding, the solution was your carrier! • Charity Savage

Joy Ermita

Flash mob dance during the reception! • Joy Ermita

Amy Oredson

The picture is a little blurry, but this is me with my then 6 month old and
my 2 year old (she was the flower girl!) at my cousin's wedding in
September. Thanks to the Boba I was able to dance with both of my girls the
whole night! • Amy Oredson

Casey Sinnott

My daughter was only a month and a half old when we went to my husband's
friend's wedding. So I baby wore her! • Casey Sinnott

Tia Clissold

I wore my 13.5 month old daughter at my sister's wedding last year using
my Boba Carrier. I was the matron of honour and Avalyn is being kissed by my
grandmother, whom I call Baba (87 years old). I love the Boba and will be
using it again soon with my newborn! • Tia Clissold

miguel arias

My husband, Miguel, dancing with our son, Milo, who is content and fast asleep. Babywearing meant we got to celebrate our friends' wedding weekend as a family. • Melissa Eaton