Safe and Ergonomic Babywearing 101

Safe and Ergonomic Babywearing 101

Important things to consider before you babywear.

In order to wear your baby safely and comfortably, you’ll first need to choose the right carrier for you and your little one!

Make sure you only shop your Boba from reputable sources to ensure your carrier is up to date with current safety standards and check your carrier periodically to make sure all the stitches and buckles are intact and working properly. It’s also important to pay extra attention to the instructions for your specific carrier to make your babywearing experience safe as well as comfortable for both you and your baby!

You are welcome to contact our in-house babywearing consultants if you need some more info - we’re always happy to help!

Tips to achieve a safe and comfortable baby!

To ensure your baby is safely and ergonomically positioned, take notice and ensure the following statements are true.

  • baby is oriented towards their parent (close enough to kiss and in view at all times)
  • baby’s nose is parallel to the ground or higher (especially with small & sleeping babies)
  • baby’s spine, pelvis & legs are well supported
  • the fabric of the wrap or carrier is spread to the back of both of baby's knees
  • baby’s legs are in a spread-squat position (”M - position”)

Six more things to be mindful of when wearing your baby...

  1. Watch your step as your balance may be affected due to the changed center of gravity while babywearing.
  2. When wearing your baby (especially on your back), you two will take up more space than you might be used to, so pay special attention to your surroundings & your maneuver space.
  3. Be mindful of what your curious babe can reach from her new vantage point!
  4. Wearing your baby while going about your daily activities or doing household chores, make sure to avoid heat (such as ironing or cooking on the stove) or using any potentially dangerous appliances.
  5. When needing to pick something up while wearing your baby, squat down (by bending your knees) rather than bending over - much safer for your back too!
  6. Whenever you’re trying a new carrying position, say, the back carry, use a spotter if someone is available or practice over a soft surface like a bed or a couch.

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