Organizations We Support

Organizations We Support

If you want to know about Boba as a company, here’s a little of what we’re working on, with whom we work, and which organizations/ideas we support—

First clinical Infant Biomechanics and Babywearing study:

Funding and support comes from NIH (National Institutes of Health), International Hip Dysplasia Institute and Dr Erin Mannen, Director of Orthopaedic Research of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Anticipated publication date-Summer 2019

Japanese study on "Formation of Affection Using a Stretchy Baby Wrap":

Under Dean Shigeko Horiuchi and Ph.D. Kaori Takahata (check out some of her mother baby studies here at St Luke's International University. Research to follow 300 families (mothers, fathers and babies), 5 hospitals and various birth houses.

Power of intuition
Women entrepreneurs
Independent Businesses/Designers/Artists/Photographers
Woman’s power to birth her baby, mother her baby, educate her child
Involved fathers
Family Businesses
NICU nurses
Outreach- Pregnancy Care Centers, Safehouses, Teen Mothers,
Education- Babywearing, Power of Proximity/Touch
Kangaroo Mother Care
Skin to Skin
Hospitals that have inclusive NICU’s
Connecting through Stories/Human Narrative
Research- Spine and Hip, Infant biomechanics Studies, positioning

In short, we truly believe in human connection—in touch and proximity, and in all the magic that happens when you hold your baby. Our passion keeps us involved and steadily moving forward—one baby step at a time.


Boba's Philosophy on Giving Back

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