How to Wear Your Stretchy Baby Wrap Correctly: Spread that Fabric

How to Wear Your Stretchy Baby Wrap Correctly: Spread that Fabric

The Boba wrap feels unlike any other wrap out there. Blended with the highest qualiuty French Terry and a touch of spandex. you'll find that our wrap forms around you and your baby like the coziest hug. Both flexible and secure, the Boba wrap is designed for use from birth until 35 lbs and you'll never have to worry about it stretching out or sagging.
We get this question often... "I tried and tried, but I just can't seem to get it right!

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?
The mama as shown above is not wearing her wrap correctly or in any way optimally for the development of her growing precious cargo. We never want to be critical, because choosing to wear your baby means you're on the right track already, so instead here is the number ONE most important tip to optimize your carry and make sure your baby is in an ergonomic and safe position.

We already talked about making sure that the fabric isn't twisted and the two big pointers on how to wear a bigger baby with NO sagging. But still to this day the most common mistake when wearing a stretchy baby wrap is NOT spreading the fabric to the back of the baby's knees. Baby's legs end up hanging straight down like matchsticks and straight baby legs mean all of their weight is placed on the groin, which is not comfortable at all.

Proper leg support is key to the comfort of your baby, especially in those with preexisting hip dysplasia. When spreading the fabric from knee to knee, the support of the fabric tilts the pelvis and aligns the spine in a convex c-shape (side view) and when you position the baby's legs in the "jockey" position, or in an "M" shape (the downward point of the M representing the baby's bottom), you are offering great support and optimally distributing baby's weight. Make sure to tap into the potential of the leg support on your baby carrier!

Spreading the fabric wide and supporting your baby's legs will also prevent the "sagging" that is often associated with stretchy wraps. Some may try to talk you out of stretchy wraps stating that they simply will not last longer than three months without sagging. Some parents don't tie their wraps tight enough or work with the elasticity of the wrap. But the culprit is usually lack of leg support when it comes to sagging. If you tie the wrap tightly to your body, even corset tight, it will sag if you don't pull the fabric to the back of the knee.

"I just wrapped my 26-month-old girl the other day because she fell and hit her head. She was high, above my belly button, magically close. I wore her for two hours. The wrap fit her like a glove. No sagging. Not a bit. She is 27 lbs."
Founder of Boba

Remember to pull those little knees up to hip level. Baby's thighs should always be at least parallel with the ground. When the fabric is spread and your baby is positioned correctly there are three layers of fabric (about a foot in length) spanning the back of your baby's knee all the way around his bottom to the back of his other knee. When the fabric isn't spread it barely covers his bottom and there are only about four inches of stretchy fabric supporting him.

The result?
Not very good support; and if gravity has its way, it'll be pulling your babe toward the ground.

We need to get a Boba mantra going.
"Spread the wrap to the back of the knee.
Baby's bottom higher than my bell-eeeeee."

Really, spreading the fabric should not be overlooked. When you don't spread the fabric, the baby is supported by the baby wrap more like a rock-climbing harness supports a climber. Wouldn't you rather be sitting on a sky-chair?