Freedom Together

Freedom Together

Trust is an integral part of the mother/baby relationship. The trust of the baby that her parents will tend to her needs and the trust of the parent, specifically the mother, to follow her heart and body in caring for the child.

After birth babies crave the closeness they had with their mothers in the womb. Breast-feeding, babywearing, and co-sleeping all fulfill this craving. Following our natural instincts as mothers produces happy healthy babies. So listen to your heart and your baby and stay together.

I wrote this poem while nursing my four month old in our family bed. Enjoy!

We have been together from the very beginning
Her tiny body growing in mine

She was born into my arms
And looked into my eyes
And trusted I would keep us together

She nurses at my breast
I hold her against my body
All day
I sleep against her body
All night
Day and night we are together

She is growing still
And needs me still
She looks into my eyes
And trusts me still

I won't break her trust
I will keep us together

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