Daily Affirmation: They Don't Need Perfection

Daily Affirmation: They Don't Need Perfection

We all know there's no such thing as perfect, right?

Most of us are aware that imperfection is perfection, but still, I know at least I, more often than not, strongly push towards everything being perfect 100% of the time.

My need to push for perfection most often shows up when I'm rushing around the kitchen preparing dinner and shooing my toddler towards her dolls; when I bark at my partner for coming home late and "robbing" me of my own work time or when I pick up my ambling toddler and thereby forcibly get from point A to point B faster. I also tend to push for perfection when I fight with my toddler over the choice of her pants, or shoes, or shirt, or sweater, or socks... oh, how she is growing opinionated in her interesting clothing choices!

The realization of my tendency to push for perfection was my first step to making better choices and getting better... with time.

The way this may look for me is that I'll tend to forgo the perfectly shaped bread buns to make room for my toddler's help; I'll acquiesce to getting a little less done at night to welcome my guy home in peace and work on creating a loving space, and I'll leave the house well in advance to make up for my toddler's walking pace. In the end, I amble too, and marvel at the cracks in the sidewalk, count the pebbles in the wall and smell all the roses as well as the weeds. I'll say yes to a purple jumper with a beige skirt with yellow polka dot leggings AND rain boots on a sunny day. One day at a time, more and more, these are my choices.

"Imperfection is perfection —so let's aim for happy, not perfect"

With my realization and the wish to change my automatic tendencies to always push for perfection, a family motto was born — "Happy, not perfect!". And I like to keep it in my view too —it's on the fridge, it's the first thing I see when I come home and the last before we leave, I even have it on my bathroom mirror!

With all the changes and smoother sailing through family life, I've felt inspired to add a new affirmation "Love first."

May love, be the very threshold to all your to-do's today.