Bobawearing FAQ's

Bobawearing FAQ's

1. What is the difference between the main types of Boba baby carriers?

This is probably our MOST frequently asked question. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the different options, it's important to note that ALL of our carriers distribute weight evenly and support baby’s natural ergonomic position. They’re safe, comfortable and adjustable to fit any body.

The Boba Baby Wrap is super soft, snuggly, adjustable and therefore ideal for even the smallest of infants. It’s the perfect choice for the first few months of your baby’s life, emulating the feeling of your womb. Even though it will still carry your toddler safely, you might find you need more support when your baby grows.

Most parents decide to progress to a more structured carrier sometime around the 6 month mark and there are three to choose from, depending on your needs and lifestyle!

If you’re looking for a carrier to be used occasionally on the school run or a stroll through the farmer’s market and don’t feel like bothering with many features, the Boba Classic 4Gs Baby Carrier is a good choice! A super simple, straightforward carrier that features funky prints by independent woman designers! No fuss, just clip and go!

Are you an adventurous family, constantly on the go, and looking for a perfect travel companion? The Boba Air is the lightest baby carrier of it’s kind, still offering the comfort of a structured carrier without the bulkiness and weight AND it even has a really practical self-storing pocket!

Looking for ONE to carry your baby from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond? The Boba X combines the adjustability and comfort of the wrap with the support and simplicity of a structured infant carrier. It has a bunch of features to fit any body - adjustable seat and panel height to fit your baby from birth, perfect fit adjusters for petite moms, sliding chest strap for ultimate comfort and added toddler extensions for the comfiest of rides even for your toddler.

If you’re more of a visual type check out our comparison chart!

2. When can I start wearing my baby?

Infants expect (and sometimes loudly demand) physical contact and they are adapted to being carried, which is why we designed the Boba Baby Wrap to be used from birth. There are no limitations regarding the babies’ age. If you’re feeling well and strong enough, you’re good to go.

But before you wrap your baby, one more piece of advice from all the babywearing moms here at Boba - be sure to listen to your body and rest when you need to. Try wrapping for calm skin to skin Kangaroo Mother Care -that way you can babywear AND rest at the same time while enjoying all the benefits!

Note: The minimum weight requirement for the Boba 4GS and the Boba X is 7lbs and the Boba Air is 15 lbs.

3. Can I nurse in the carrier/wrap?

Absolutely! We have ​a whole article​ dedicated to helping you get started - step by step instructions for each of our baby carriers, how to latch, what to wear when feeding in a carrier and also some neat handouts on breastfeeding.

4. Can I face my baby forward?

Here at Boba, we are strong advocates of supporting our babies’ natural ergonomic position, which is baby facing parent with knees at hip level or higher. In this position, the baby can actively contribute to being worn, do what they were designed to do. It's as simple as that, good for parent and good for the baby.

In case you enter research mode follow us to our m​ost popular article​ to date!

5. Can I wear my baby on my back? When can I start?

Yes! Our structured carriers Boba 4Gs, Boba X and Boba Air all enable you to wear your baby on your back as easily as on your front - here’s a quick instructional video to give you a visual!

You can start wearing your baby on your back when they have sufficient neck control and are able to sit assisted (so you can do the “hip scoot” to get them on your back).

For best results practice at home, over your bed or sofa, preferably with a fed and rested baby. :)

6. How long can my baby be in the carrier for?

There are almost no rules in motherhood (and neither are there in babywearing) - as long as you and your baby are both comfortable and happy, feel free to enjoy the cuddles and all its benefits!

And there are m​any benefits to babywearing​, like less crying in babies, better breastfeeding relationships, more qualitative communication with your baby just to name a few!

7. Should I wear my newborn with legs in or legs out in the wrap?

As the wrap is completely adjustable and soft, the babywearing consultants here at Boba agree that wearing your newborn with legs out is the way to go. It makes putting the baby in the wrap a bit more straightforward and therefore more secure.

The wrap doesn’t spread the legs, but rather supports from knee to knee with each layer, so your newborn is in its natural fetal position with flexed legs.

8. It feels like my baby i​s not well supported ​in the wrap, what am I doing wrong?

First thing to check is if the wrap is tied tight enough. It should feel like wearing a tank top. The stretchiness of the wrap will provide just enough room for the baby to be comfy and secure.

The heavier the baby, the more the wrap is going to stretch, so keep that in mind when wrapping.

If the wrap is tied nice and tight, the problem might be that it isn’t spread wide enough (if your baby’s knees aren’t at hip level or higher).

It’s all about creating a DEEP SEAT:
• Make sure the fabric (the X that your baby is sitting in) doesn’t only cover their bum but is spread ALL the way to the back of both knees
• Spread all three layers of the wrap over the baby’s back and all the way up to the back of their neck
Tuck the outermost part of the wrap (the third layer of fabric with the label) under their bum for an even sturdier seat
• Do a “pelvic tuck” - hold your baby’s calves and gently push their legs up so their knees are at least at hip height or higher (the “M-position)

Ahhh, there you go, nice and secure.

9​. I am plus size, what is the right carrier for me?

As all our baby carriers are extremely adjustable you get to choose the one that brings you the most joy! The waist belt on our Boba X and Boba 4Gs extend up to​ 58" ​and our stretchy Boba Wrap will fit most wearers easily and comfortably!

If needed we have free chest and waist extenders available - just shoot an email to with your mailing info and our customer care manager will get it to you ASAP!

10. Are all Boba carriers machine washable?

Mother to mother - if carriers weren’t machine washable, they’d barely last a week in our household!

The wrap is the least sensitive of all our carriers, so it can take a lot! Wash the wrap on a gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. For Soft Structured Carriers, you'll want to also wash on gentle but hang to dry.

Tip: Hanging all of your carriers to dry will help them last longer! Good for your carriers and good for the planet. Win win!