Inspired by wild flowers, fresh fruit and the frothy sea– we took to the streets of Málaga and Seville, Spain to shoot our 2019 Spring Collection. We're so excited to finally share it with you ...

Boba X Infant Baby Carrier Apricot

Apricot | Boba X

A solid that will add the perfect pop of peachy pastel to your wardrobe.

Seafoam | Boba X

Cool, watery and reminiscent of the frothy sea - we're so excited to bring you this gorgeous seasonal solid.

Boba X Infant Baby Carrier Seafoam
Boba Baby Wrap Ecru Dot

Ecru Dot | Boba Wrap

A natural ecru with playful burnt orange Bebe dots.

Magnolia | Boba Wrap

A palette of mocha, sage and ecru - a true spring delight designed by Holli Zollinger.

Boba Baby Wrap Magnolia
Boba Baby Wrap Rainforest

Rainforest | Boba Organic Serenity Wrap

Organic French terry cotton, blended with viscose (made from organically grown bamboo) and a touch of spandex in a gorgeous, deep jungle green.

Call of the Wild
Boba Classic 4GS

A collection of some of our favorite woodland creatures on camel canvas, designed by Esther Fallon Lau.

Boba 4GS Infant Baby Carrier
Boba 4GS Infant Baby Carrier Meadow

Boba Classic 4GS

Whimsical, dreamy, wild horses on a teal canvas. Designed by Esther Fallon Lau.